Beyonder selects Haugalandet, Norway for large-scale battery venture

The two Rogaland-based companies strengthen Norway’s position in the world race for the new green large-scale industry venture.

In the press conference held at Haugaland Industry Park on April 4 Beyonder announced their plans for large-scale battery production in Norway. The Norwegian government’s goals of increased export and thus signals of active support for the battery industry became the deciding factor.
Beyonder is developing a new technology for sustainable battery cells using active carbon from Norwegian sawdust to replace materials cobalt and nickel. The battery cells are particularly useful in the energy intensive industry that needs high effects.

Beyonder is today located at Forus in Rogaland where they have established a small-scale production line for the first battery cells. The decision today marks a significant step forward for the large-scale production of battery cells.

– It is no secret that we have considered other European countries for our large-scale factory. But the new and clear signals from the Norwegian government promising competitive operating conditions for the battery industry made it an easy decision. It is now time for us to step up our game with our homeland Norway as our location, says CEO and founder of Beyonder, Svein Kvernstuen.

Beyonder together with CEO Tiril Fjeld Haugaland Industry Park, Rogaland County Mayor Marianne Chesak, and the Mayors of the municipalities that are the owners of the industry park: Tysvær, Vindafjord, Karmøy, Bokn and Haugesund.

Terje Aasland – The Minister of Petroleum and Energy is very pleased with the announcement from Beyonder. The scale-up building of the factory will give about 5oo direct jobs in the industry region of Haugalandet. As we scale our production we will employ approx 2000 people. This comes in addition to a significant amount of people that will build the factory, and a large amount of subcontractors.

– As someone with a soft spot for industrial development we are very pleased that the industry is looking at Norway. We will facilitate long-term and stable conditions and ensure that the industry will want to invest in Norway, says Terje Aasland.
See a video greeting from the Minister here!

National and regional press during the press conference when Beyonder launched the news about the large-scale factory.

Another key factor for Beyonder to reach their conclusion was to find a location with already established industry surrounding it for cooperation and value chain synergies. Haugaland Industry Park offers all of this.

– Beyonder is striving to find synergies with already well-established industry as well as industry that wants to locate here. It’s a huge advantage that this region already has valuable industry competence and experience from the process industry. The well-run educational institutions here will be an advantage for us. Holistic solutions, large-zoned areas ready for new industry together with sustainable logistics solutions is essential for our project in the upcoming years, Steinar Lea, COO in Beyonder, tells us.
Tiril Fjeld, CEO in Haugaland Industry Park, points out that this agreement signals a new phase for the industry park. For the last 20 years their focus has been on developing the vast area with heavy investments in zoning and infrastructure, including the deep kay and harbor at Gismarvik.
– It is a great pleasure to welcome Beyonder, the first large-scale factory in Norway’s largest zoned industrial park. Beyonder will definitely have on impact on the way we shape and develop during the next phase of the park. But we will still have great areas for other industries in the battery value chain as well as other industries that can work in synergy with the factory. Thus, we are happy that Beyonder is going to be one of several establishments competing in the world race from Haugaland Industry Park, says Tiril Fjeld.